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The Widow

When Santiago, the tough-looking, scarred, but oddly attractive cowboy carrying a caged, one-winged macaw and a baby, approaches Jane Peterson for a job on her south Texas ranch, warning bells go off. Reasoning that a man tenderly caring for two helpless beings cannot be dangerous, she hires him.

The independent, hardworking widow needs help, as she is beset by dangers: the brutal drought plaguing the land, the illegal border crossings on her ranch, the mysterious happenings on her high mesa. Yet the biggest danger is Santiago. Having sworn on her husband's grave that she would never fall for another man in love with danger, she is still helplessly drawn to Santiago.

Threatened with bank foreclosures and Santiago's deportation by Immigration, Jane and Santiago find an unorthodox solution. Marrying a U.S. citizen allows Santiago to stay in the country while his savings rescue the ranch. Secretly, both hope that this marriage of convenience will turn into a loving union. Before that can happen, they battle nature as well as greed, hate, and revenge.

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From the moment Rachel Carradine hears the dark, rich tones of Blackie Madigan's alto saxophone, she knows her heart and her hard-fought, well-ordered life are in danger. As the daughter of a jazz musician, she knows the seductive power of the music just as she is familiar with the insecure, irregular, bohemian existence of the musicians. She escaped that lifestyle once and promised herself that nothing on earth could induce her to embrace it again. Yet hearing Blackie's Orpheus-like melodies, she is faced with the greatest temptation of her life.

Blackie makes some dangerous assumptions about Rachel that threaten to derail their relationship before it even gets going. Mistaken identies, secrets, deceptions—hardly a harmonious beginning for a romance. Rachel and Blackie must test their relationship to see if it is strong enough to overcome these obstacles, and if they are willing to risk everything for love.

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Summer Flames

Her training finished, arson investigator Karin Bergstrom takes a job with a new unit which, to her dismay, is headed by her former mentor, Aaron Knight. Aaron had been more than her mentor, but their growing feelings for one another had ended when an accident put Aaron into a wheelchair. To tie a healthy young woman to a man who might never walk again seemed unforgivable to Aaron.

Thrown together by fate, can they keep their past from interfering with the difficult job of catching a clever arsonist? The long, hot Chicago summer tests their talents, their professionalism, and their love.

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Portrait Of Eliza

For Michael Yuma, a struggling young painter, an upcoming one-man show of his work is the single most important event in his life. This is what he has worked for, hoped for, and dreamed of, and nothing and no one can distract him from itónot even the young woman who so fortuitously stumbled into his world.

An unsuccessful painter herself, heiress Eliza Marshall discovers that the next best thing to being an artist is to be the artistís model, his muse, his strongest supporter, and his object of affection. To assume this role, however, involves lies of omission and deception which she rationalizes by convincing herself that nothing is more important than the paintings. When love is thrown into the mix, Elizaís carefully constructed world of half-truths collapses, threatening all she holds dear.

Only time will tell whether her love of art, and her love for Michael, will be enough to overcome what was said and done.

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Gift of Fortune
Released in February 2004

At the reading of her adoptive father's will, Aileen Bolton receives the shock of her life: Jack Bolton left his half of their Wyoming ranch to a stranger. Still reeling from this unexpected blow, Aileen is dealt another nasty surprise back at the Triangle B.

Quint Fernandez, the handsome, forceful new co-owner, awaits her, eager to claim his windfall inheritance. He is Jack's biological son from a brief affair whose identity and existence had been hidden from Aileen all these years. She begins to question how well she knew her adoptive parents and begins to feel betrayed.

Unable to buy each other out, Aileen and Quint reluctantly join forces to save the faltering ranch. However, their truce is soon imperiled by the attraction sizzling between them, crippling financial difficulties, vicious gossip, and a moral turpitude charge that may end Aileen's teaching career. The only answer seems to be a marriage of convenience. Yet how long can they resist their totally inconvenient need to share absolutely everything?

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Dance of Life
Released in August 2003

Sammi Jo Crawford returns to her home in western North Carolina, divorced, disillusioned and determined to start a new life as a woman who will focus on her career as a dancer and dance instructor, a woman who will never again be subservient or subordinate her hopes and dreams to the wishes of others.

No sooner has she opened her dance studio when trouble descends: odd, possibly criminal, activites in the adjacent business, her studio lease is threatened, her grandfather's health deteriorates, and participation in a protest march results in her appearance before Judge Garroway, a spurned suitor. Not surprisingly, the old wounds that reopen, the new unexpected feelings that emerge, all threaten the emotionally univolved career woman Sammi Jo had planned to become.

Will her dance with destiny lead her on the right path or into the arms of danger?

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