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Rancher's Redemption
by Elise Mayr
published by Harlequin Romance, Jan 2006
Precious Gem Romance, 2000

As I entered the gates of the Diamond C. Ranch, I knew there was no turning back. I, Kaya Cunningham, would do anything to save my sick daughter, even throw myself on the mercy of my arrogant ex-brother-in-law, Joshua Cunningham, and his powerful family. Joshua is get-under-your-skin gorgeous and has always rubbed me the wrong way. His family thinks I wasn't good enough for his sibling. He believes I'd betrayed his fair-haired brother, and I need to appeal to Joshua's sense of fairness. Still, I don't dare reveal my most deeply held secret—or the way my heart beats faster every time he comes near. . .

Lisa Darby's Return
by Heidi Mayer
published by Zebra/Kennsington
Precious Gem Romance, 2000


Lisa Darby had no choice. As an unemployed teacher, she can't afford to turn down a job teaching in the Stewart ranch's old schoolhouse. The problem is, a roof isn't the only thing she and Jack Stewart have ever shared . . .

Try as he might, the handsome rancher has never forgotten those long ago summer nights. But he and Lisa were younger then—and foolish enough to believe they could overcome their differences and fall in love. He of all people should know better than to get tangled up with her again. But some things are sweeter the second time around.

Love's Memories
by Heidi Strasser
published by Pageant Books
Pageant Romance, 1988


Marikka is a dazzling, international cosmetics tycoon. She has power, wealth, beauty—and a heartbreaking secret past, which keeps her alone.

Jordan is the dashing senator from New York, whose future may include the White House. He, too, harbors a secret, the memory of the woman he tragically loved and lost, Marikka.

When they meet in a Senate hearing room, their love springs instantly to life again. But there are forces around them who wish them ill, and who will bring them perilously close to public ruin and private sorrow.

Jordan and Marikka...a man and a woman who can rule the world. But will they ever be allowed to love?


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