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Alibis and Lies
A Cybil Quint Mystery From Avalon

Available from Avalon

The matriarch of the MacNiall family hires Cybil Quindt, apprentice PI, to find her illegitimate, illegally adopted granddaughter who inherited major shares. 'Whoever finds her will wield unprecedented control.'

Concentrating on the missing heiress, Cybil uncovers lies, forgeries, illegal adoptions, blackmail and multiple murders, including attempts on her life.

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from Avalon

“You can’t go home again!” is something popular wisdom claims, but Merrilee Ingram, singer on hiatus from a concert tour, ignores the warning and returns to her Appalachian hometown. Almost immediately the campaign to hound her out of town begins and quickly accelerates from verbal threats to snake drawings to a live Copperhead on her porch. Who remembers that as a child Merrilee was deathly afraid of snakes? Meeting the town’s boss and society maven, Merrilee is shocked by the hatred the woman and her daughter display toward her. They, too, order her to leave. Police Chief Quentin Garner wonders if the threats are rooted in the suspicious arson death of Merrilee’s mother which the four-year old had witnessed. Under hypnosis will she remember what had happened before the murderer can strike again?

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Alibi for a Cold Winter's Night
Another Cybil Quint Mystery From Avalon

"No deed goes unpunished". Apprentice investigator Cybil Quindt never paid attention to that saying until, in the cold days of December, three people from the homelss shelter where she volunteers are poisoned. Though the powers that be would like to blame the homeless community, Cybil soon finds out that the motive is rooted in greed, jealousy and hate.

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A Timely Alibi
the first Cybil Quint Mystery From Avalon

Cybil Quindt, recovering from the devastating grief caused by the death of her young son the year before and the subsequent estrangement from her physician husband, embraces the career and life change offered her as a trainee in her uncle’s respectable security agency.

Her seemingly innocuous first case as an apprentice P.I. investigating pilfering in a warehouse seems the perfect assignment on which to cut her teeth, yet when a warehouse co-worker dies mysteriously on her watch, Cybil wonders if she is in too deep.

Against the wishes of her estranged husband, Cybil pushes forward into an ever-growing web of deceit-familial love turned destructive in the grand manner of a Greek tragedy. As time goes by, she finds herself caught up in blackmail, adultery, and cold-blooded murder-all leading to grave danger when she confronts the charming but cunning villain.

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Banker's Alibi
the second Cybil Quint Mystery From Avalon

Unlike her previous case which had segued from petty pilfering to murder, apprentice investigator, Cybil Quindt, is certain that her stint as undercover teller in a small town bank will be uneventful and perfectly safe--a condition which will please both her grandmother and her estranged husband.

Yet within days the seemingly simple case of embezzling escalates to the death of a teller.

Assigned to deal with the estate of the young woman, Cybil discovers secrets which lead her to question the official verdict of suicide. Suspecting foul play, Cybil investigates and once again becomes a human starter gun for blackmail, mayhem and murder.

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