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The Music Murders

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When five young women meet grisly fates in the span of just a few months, the once-peaceful town of Centerville, Indiana is shaken to its core. To stop the killing spree, the district attorney hires Elise Lundgren, former assistant DA and co-owner of a newly formed security firm. Elise is eager to prove her mettle, but then she learns that Detective Kurt Horvath will be heading up the investigation. She hadn't counted on working with her ex-husband. . .and never thought she'd be falling for him once again.

Elise is just as beautiful, if not more so, than the day her marriage to Kurt ended. And now that their feelings for each other are returning, Kurt isn't about to let Elise squander their second chance by throwing herself in harm's way. But Kurt isn't the only one watching over Elise. The killer, known for leaving torn sheet music over his victims, has taken notice of the blonde beauty. . .and has a song picked out just for her.

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